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Meet NewKnow, a training and communications app built for retailers and brands. NewKnow makes training, onboarding, and communicating across your retail network simple, fast, and accountable.

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Training the Retail Front-Line:
An Expensive Problem.

Infrequent training

Due to high cost, in-person training sessions are too infrequent and are often poorly attended.

High employee turnover

 The retail industry averages 70% annual turnover, so investments in training are constantly walking out the door.

Constant on-boarding

High turnover means repetitive and constant onboarding of new hires, as well as ongoing continued training.

Limited access to brand training

Brand product training is scarce and difficult to access for front line employees.

Ineffective training methods

Unfortunately, “leave behinds” are ineffective instructional formats with no accountability.

Compounding cost

In the end, retail training is a hugely inefficient and costly endeavour.

Better training, better service,
and higher sales.

NewKnow makes training, onboarding, and communicating across your retail network simple, fast, and accountable.

Educate with ease

From product knowledge and on-boarding to marketing campaigns and policies, get your staff the training they need to exceed expectations and sell more product.

Empower with messaging

Great teams needs more than Post-It notes to collaborate and run effective initiatives together. Help your staff work more collaboratively with team messaging.

Amplify with analytics

Measure your training effectiveness and manage employee, store, and network engagement in real time with live dashboard analytics.

Retailers that deliver unforgettable customer experiences outperform their competition.

Move knowledge from head office to the front lines...

With NewKnow, brands can share product knowledge and marketing initiatives with their retailers in a flash, and retailers can effortlessly assign learning to their front-lines at all points of sale.

...instantly and anywhere.

Say goodbye to the dusty training manuals & back-office cork boards!  NewKnow ensures your employees always have access to the latest updates from head-office and your suppliers.

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“For an organization as large as ours, being able to be in touch with all our employees and deliver them training everyday is only achievable with NewKnow.”

Nicholas Stoikovitch – Director of Training, Newlook Eyewear

Put the power to sell better together in your front-line's hands.

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