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Sell Better Together: Exceeding customer expectations through exceptional employee training.

NewKnow is a company built for brick & mortar retail. NewKnow’s mission is to provide technology that enables brick and mortar retailers and their brand partners to give their employees the most effective training to exceed customer expectations. A well-trained network of frontline employees is the key to customer service that blows customers’ minds. NewKnow helps businesses train, manage, and communicate with their customer-facing employees. With NewKnow, businesses operate more efficiently, reduce training costs, improve customer experiences, and ultimately increase sales.

“We built NewKnow to help brick and mortar retail empower their front-line to sell better together.”

NewKnow Co-Founders
Steve Gendron and Jaffray Hill
Photo Credit: Eva Blue Photography

About Steve

Steve Gendron, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of NewKnow, worked in the retail industry for over 20 years. After graduating from Bishop’s University in Finance & Economics, he went on to start his first company, a retail store & spa. From there, Steve started working in distribution, wholesaling products to the retailers of all sizes. Steve’s years of experience in retail gave him insight on how technology could help all sides of the retail equation. In 2015, inspired by those insights, Steve founded NewKnow with Jaffray. Today, Steve’s focus is on product vision and customer development for NewKnow, and is always looking at how NewKnow can continue scaling up.

About Jaffray

Jaffray Hill, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of NewKnow, started his career when he graduated from Bishop’s University in Finance & Economics. From there, he worked for the Bank of Canada, then moved onto project management in the financial services and then technology industry. Jaffray partnered with his girlfriend in 2009 to build her fashion label. The experience, along with his first job as a sales associate at Sport Check, taught him the importance of frontline retail employee education, which reinforces his faith in the solution they are building at NewKnow.

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