Q&A With Carl Boutet

For retailers, effective staff training and great customer experience go hand-in-hand. So, how do you prepare your frontline to attract and engage customers? For answers to these questions (and so many more), NewKnow sat down with Carl Boutet, Executive Director of Data & Insights at CloudRaker and Chief Retail Strategist at StudioRx. Having worked with global and independent retailers for over 25 years, this industry guru gave us some valuable insights on the future of retail and retail training.

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The New Bottom Line Starts at the Frontline

Working in retail can be a challenge, especially when you have better informed customers whose expectations are higher than ever. Your frontline sales staff needs a special set of skills to serve and sell to this more knowledgeable, more discerning clientele.

Does Your Staff Know Your Policies on Pot?

It’s official. Cannabis is legal in Canada! Now that we’ve dealt with the initial high, it’s a good time for retailers to take a closer look at their company’s health and safety policies.

Customers Know More and Want More. Is Your Staff Ready to Help Them?

No matter what they’re selling, modern retailers face a common challenge of meeting the demands of a 21st century customer. Today’s clientele has evolved. They know more about products, more about brands, and when they walk into a store it has a purpose.

Ask Anipier: How to build great Bundles

In training, how you teach is as important as what you teach.

High Staff Turnover, Faster Product Cycles: A reality, not a problem!

High staff turnover combined with short product cycles — it’s a common reality and a common challenge for most retailers.

Another Kind of Festival Season for our Founders: An Exciting Summer for NewKnow

It’s been a whirlwind July for NewKnow with Jaffray and Steve. Our founders crossed Canada, participating in some of the most innovative and interesting conferences in the tech and startup space. With Jaff at Startupfest in Montreal, and Steve speaking at KnowHow on the West Coast, we’ve had an incredibly inspiring summer. With so much to unpack (literally and figuratively), we sat down with NewKnow’s leaders to get best takeaways from their phenomenal experiences.

Prepping for October 17th: The Road to Readiness for Legalization

On October 17th, 2018, Canada will become the second country in the world to openly and legally sell recreational cannabis. It is, finally, official — and we don’t know about you, but both my fellow Co-Founder Steve and I are getting ready with gusto! We designed NewKnow to address the real needs of all retailers, and cannabis retailers are no exception.

Andre Dallaire Q&A

We sat down with Andre Dallaire, retail distribution aficionado and founder of Agence AD, a distribution and brand development agency with a focus on lifestyle and action sports brands. Andre also happens to be a trusted advisor of NewKnow!

Ideal Timing for Training on New Arrivals? As Soon as They Arrive.

As a brand, you want your products to start selling-through as soon as they hit the shop floor. This optimizes profits and gets retailers excited to buy more. While there are many ways to help drive sales in-store, an integral part of any strategy relies on the interaction between the sales associate and the customer who needs help. It’s the essential link between your product and its purchase.

5 Tips to Create a Great In-Store Experience

These tips can help you focus your initiatives on creating warm, welcoming and helpful spaces that people will be people happy to visit time and time again. Remember, as a brick-and-mortar retailer you’re not just selling products, you’re selling an experience.

Going Green: NewKnow’s Place In The Burgeoning Cannabis Industry

We sat down with NewKnow Co-Founders and retail tech aficionados, Jaffray and Steve, to chat about the unique challenges and opportunities set to take the retail space by storm in the advent of the legalization of cannabis in Canada.

Anipier’s Tips for an Easy Launch

Using the NewKnow platform gives you the power to provide on-going training and communication with your staff, efficiently and enjoyably. This month, Anipier shares her tips on the best ways to launch the app so that NewKnow works best for you, right from the start.

How A Strong Digital Communication Strategy Can Help Your Frontline Sell More

'Implementing the right tools into your communication strategy will support customer loyalty through knowledgeable service and memorable in-store experience -- and ultimately increase sales.' Check out our 5 top tips for developping a strong digital communiction strategy for your business!

Always On: Working With Retail Technology Empower Your Sales Associates.

How much do you rely on digital devices when you consider purchasing a new product?

From HQ to the Frontline: 10 Best Practices for High Frequency Communication

Communicate frequently and effectively with the best practices.

How A Strong Digital Communication Strategy Can Help Your Frontline Sell More

Create excellent customer experiences by implementing digital tools in the day-to-day training of your frontline sales associates.

Introducing The New & Improved My Partners Page!

Measure the strength of your training program between business partners.

From the Floor: Spotlight on Letitia Madden at Intersport

In-store experiences remain relevant, especially for customers who enjoy the human aspect of shopping and interacting with a brand. What is Letitia Madden's secret to creating positive customer experiences?

Introducing The New Bundling Feature!

Build chapters within the greater story, organize modules and simplify management and distribution!

Communicate the Story. Connect to the Frontline.

Good brand stories - ones that are clear and authentic - resonate with customers, for all the right reasons.

Ask Anipier: How to Build a Perfect Module

With such an adaptable platform, it’s crucial that you keep in mind these best practices to ensure your success.

Q&A With Joanne Nemeroff: How Can Brands Empower Teams on the Floor?

Joanne’s understanding of the evolution of retail is what makes her such a valued advisor to NewKnow, as her feedback is leveraged in our product roadmap planning, and her vision of the reimagined retail landscape aligns with NewKnow’s core promise: sell better together.

NewKnow 2017 User Satisfaction Survey

Here's how our customer's front line employees think about using NewKnow to train.

The Catch-22 of the Seasonal Holiday Employee

Is it really worth investing in seasonal employee training?

How to Calculate the True Cost and ROI of Retail Training

How much does training retail employees really cost when all is said and done?

4 Steps to Creating Effective Retail Training

Providing well-structured and high-quality training to your retail staff can pay off big. Here's how to do it.

How NewKnow Started and Where We’re Going Next

Most startups have an origin story. But not many involve chicken wings.

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