5 Tips to Create a Great In-Store Experience

Brick-and-mortars’ greatest advantage over e-comm competitors is the ability to have real-life human interactions with their customers.  This human element of retail is key to creating positive in-store experiences.  After all, these experiences are why so many people still go shopping.  

Nevertheless,  traditional retailers must always try to stand out and give customers good reasons to shop beyond the click of a button from the comfort of their couch.

So, how do you create an experience that draws-in customers and gets them coming back for more?  

There are plenty of creative ways to achieve this.  But no matter your store or what you sell, it’s valuable to consider these five key concepts to cultivate great in-store experience.

Make it Easy

In the simplest terms, people come to your store with a problem and it’s your job to help them solve it.  Create a solution-based store environment by adopting a customer’s mindset: Where would they look for certain items? Who would they ask for help? How much time do they really want to spend in your store?

Focus on making retail space that lets your customers get things done efficiently.  When you make it easy, you make customers happy and that’s what it’s all about.  

Make it Sensory

Research shows that consumers prefer the tactile experience of in-store shopping.  This gives traditional retailers an edge over their online competitors.

By giving consumers ample opportunity to see, touch, or try out products they’ll feel more confident in their purchasing decisions, and be more likely to return to your store.

A confident customer is a satisfied customer, so don’t be afraid to exploit that IRL advantage.

Make it Interactive

Everyone wants to be heard.  Use social media, email and in-store questionnaires to ask customers about their shopping experience. What did they like? What could be better?

When you’ve put their advice to good use, let them know it, and say thank you.  

These interactions cultivate deeper relationships with your buyers, turning one-time shoppers into life-long clientele. So always be open to advice, listening goes a long way.

Make it Personal

Customer service is essential to making memorable in-store experiences. Create opportunities to get to know your customers by training sales associates on customer engagement, or hosting special in-store events.

There’s plenty of tactics, but whatever the strategy, make your service personal. This creates community with customers, and that makes your store a place they’ll want to visit.

Make it Innovative

Get digital to cultivate a dynamic store environment. Explore the myriad ways technology can be used to improve your buyers’ journey.

Improve that in-store experience by equipping sales associates with easy access to in-depth product info and store updates through communications and training apps.

The retail landscape is ever-changing, and the brick-and-mortar stores who survive and thrive will embrace innovation to stay ahead of the curve.  

These tips can help you focus your initiatives on creating warm, welcoming and helpful spaces that people will be people happy to visit time and time again. Remember, as a brick-and-mortar retailer you’re not just selling products, you’re selling an experience.

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