Ask Anipier: How to build great Bundles

In training, how you teach is as important as what you teach.

That’s why NewKnow’s platform lets you structure training programs into customized bundles. This research-backed strategy optimizes learning opportunities for your staff, while making it easier to educate and communicate across your entire organization.

There’s no doubt that bundling works, so how do you make it work best for your business?  

To learn more about bundling and how it can help you, this month, Anipier shares her insights and tips on making the best training bundles.

First things first, let’s define bundling

Similar to chapters in a book, bundles are different learning modules organized into a customized collection. Each module communicates specific information that can be presented uniquely or bundled together with other modules to create an overall story.

The key benefits of bundling

Cognitive psychologists tell us that people are more likely to remember something if it’s been grouped. This is called “chunking”  -- a process whereby unique pieces of information are bound together into a meaningful whole.  

Chunking and bundling are very similar. Bundles allow you to make modules containing small digestible “chunks” of information, organized in a specific order to create meaningful context.  

This maximizes the amount of information your trainees retain at each stage of learning. It also establishes a cohesive strategy for your ongoing educational initiatives.

The best ways to effectively bundle

A good bundle clearly communicates learning objectives and follows a logical order.  

Remember, people like to know what they’re getting into.

When you’re bundling modules for a team, consider the bundle’s ease-of-use and outline the skills and knowledge to be gained from each session.

Give your bundles engaging titles that match the material. And show your users the order in which modules are presented, so they can anticipate every milestone within their training.  

Avoid common bundling pitfalls

When it comes to bundling, one size never fits all.

Don’t create a one bundle for multiple teams. Different teams need different types of information and training. Trying to build an all-encompassing bundle only causes confusion and frustration.  

Customize bundles to the needs of each team –- personalize it so your employees enjoy it. Learning should be fun.

And don’t worry, with tools like NewKnow, building engaging, customized bundles has never been easier.  

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