Customers Know More and Want More. Is Your Staff Ready to Help Them?

No matter what they’re selling, modern retailers face a common challenge of meeting the demands of a 21st century customer. Today’s clientele has evolved.  They know more about products, more about brands, and when they walk into a store it has a purpose.

Perhaps they want to see and feel the merchandise, or need added insight about a product.  Maybe, they don’t really know exactly what they’re looking for, but they still want a good shopping experience to validate any purchasing choice.

Such high-expectations are the result of a highly-educated consumer - someone who’s done the homework online, but who wants to buy in-store.

This shift in buyer behaviour illustrates one of the greatest effects that digital communication has had on traditional storefronts. The buyer’s path towards a purchase is now an omni-channel journey. It’s a journey that’s making people more knowledgeable than ever.

Even so, the intel people gain through digital channels cannot match the kind of sensory, human-to-human interaction traditional retail offers.  It’s why 90 percent of purchases are still done in-store. It might also explain why online retailers, like Casper, Warby Parker, even Amazon are opening brick-and-mortar spaces.

There’s plenty of research showing that people still love walking into a space and trying something new.  So, how do retailers make that process extra special?  How do they add to what well-informed customers already know?

The simplest way is through proper staffing.  Retailer experts highlight the fact that stores need sales associates whose knowledge surpasses the clients’.  They also need a frontline who can deliver the valuable experience customers look for.

A good sales representative knows to greet and engage the customer.  They understand that their expert advice should go beyond product specs or price. They embrace their role as an ambassador, and provide valuable guidance to help customers find the best product suited to their needs.

Getting sales associates to consistently deliver this experience requires effective training.

It’s important to remember that when educating sales teams on products, service, and brand messaging they’re getting more than just information. They’re being empowered and motivated to provide quality support to customers.

Considering the high churn in retail staffing, these training goals might seem ambitious, but they’re not. In this market, they’re practical. Simply put, better educated customers require a better educated sales staff. And this is totally feasible with the right tools.

Digital technology has advanced customers’ knowledge in incredible ways, which is great!  Retailers can follow suit by using the same tools to educate and train their staff.

That’s where NewKnow comes in.

NewKnow’s mobile technology gives retailers the ability to provide thorough, on-going training to their frontline while establishing clear lines of communication between various team, ensuring brand messaging is consistent and clear.  

With NewKnow, retailers get unlimited free support from their brand partners. This in turn, allows retailers to educate and engage sales staff, so that staff can educate and engage customers on the sales floor. It’s 21st Century training technology to meet the demands of the 21st Century customer.

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