Does Your Staff Know Your Policies on Pot?

It’s official. Cannabis is legal in Canada!  

Now that we’ve dealt with the initial high, it’s a good time for retailers to take a closer look at their company’s health and safety policies.

Do they line-up with the new marijuana laws?

Most company policies for cannabis likely mirror policies on other drugs or alcohol use, but marijuana has the caveat of being used for medicinal purposes.  This means that protocol may need to be adjusted to accommodate this.

Likewise, a company’s policy on workplace impairment varies between industries, so it’s fair to assume that each company’s policy on marijuana will be different too.

Of course, there are a lot of great sources that provide tools and perspectives to help better develop useful “pot policy” for your business.

Here are some recommendations:

The Canadian Government Website
This provides a solid overview of things to consider when developing policies regarding cannabis use and impairment in the workplace.

Lawyer, Sara E. Leamon
Lawyer and contributor to the Huffington Post, Leamon outlines both practical and legal outcomes when dealing with marijuana use in the workplace.

These HR gurus provide a comprehensive rundown of issues that employers should consider when developing company policy in our now legal-weed world.

Once you have a solid policy in place, the second challenge is communicating it to your team. While we’ve known about the legalization of weed for years, how that process would play out, and how people would react to it was (and still is) very much unknown.  

Which raises the question -- as a business, do you know how your staff will embrace this new access?  

When your business relies on a well-trained frontline staff, how do you impart your company’s position on marijuana as clearly as possible?  

Or, let’s consider it from another angle -- the law changed a week ago, have you communicated your policies to staff yet?  If so, was it easy to do, and do you know if they understood your message?

If you use NewKnow, then your answer should be yes!

With the NewKnow app, sending new company protocol is as easy as downloading a file.  If you want to ensure that your staff is in-the-know and on the same page, just create a training module focussing on your company’s best practices.  

This past week shows us just how fast things can change.  Which is why you need a communication tool that’s up to speed.  NewKnow delivers fast, effective messaging that keeps your employees in-the-know and on point.

NewKnow is not only a great way to train and engage, it’s also a fast and efficient way to deliver those all-important messages to your staff. With NewKnow you get efficiency and accountability all in one tool.

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