High Staff Turnover, Faster Product Cycles: A reality, not a problem!

High staff turnover combined with short product cycles — it’s a common reality and a common challenge for most retailers.

The reality is retail staffing is in a constant state of flux, because sales associates are inclined to change jobs quickly. In fact, retail rate of turnover is one of the highest in North America, second only to the technology sector. Add to this the ever-increasing delivery windows for new products now hitting shelves throughout the season, and you’re left with is a huge hurdle on how to keep your frontline informed and engaged.

All this change means that retailers need to train more staff, on more products than ever before… way more often. But establishing a well-trained staff — knowledgeable and confident enough to make those sales — can be very difficult if you don’t have the right tools.  

Yes, we know — staff training has always has been hard.

Customers are walking into stores far more savvy — many of them have come to check out the product after they’ve researched it.  They’ve noted it’s release date. They know the specs. They’ve read the reviews.  Your staff needs to understand exactly who these customers are, and they need to provide those customers with better information and deeper insights.

Simply put, the frontline needs to convey a higher level of expertise than they ever have before.

So, when your winter sales team looks a whole lot different from the summer’s front line personnel, how do you devise a consistent training strategy that accounts for constant staffing shifts and ever-changing product line ups?

How do you give your staff — whomever they may be — the sales tools to succeed so that your business thrives?

Here’s the good news — anybody who winds up on your staff is going to be pretty technologically advanced. They’ve got a smartphone. They know how to use an app. This can and should be used to your advantage. The easiest way to do this is through the use of digital training tools.

Digital training tools allow retailers and brands to directly connect, engage and educate frontline staff on any new product that’s hitting a shop floor, at any point of time.

There’s no lag with digital communication, so using these tools ensures that your staff is ready to sell products when they’re fresh and new, and at their highest price point.

It also means that staff training is ongoing. You can train your staff the instant they’re hired, and on an ongoing basis. It keeps your staff in-the-know and as fresh as the products they’re selling. This empowers your team to do better for your store by providing the very best service and information to your customers.

There’s no doubt, high staff turnover and short product styles will always be a common reality, but with digital communication training it’s no longer a common problem.

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