June 7, 2018

How A Strong Digital Communication Strategy Can Help Your Frontline Sell More

Today's consumers are bombarded with endless choices: aisles, sales, promotions. Due to oversaturation and endless options, these strategies quickly lose their effectiveness. So, what makes a customer decide to shop at your business over every other option at their fingertips? What really moves the needle?

While it may sound old school, if you want to truly develop a loyal army of customers, you must focus heavily on customer service and experience.

To do that, it's crucial to empower your workforce with the right information, so not only do they know the products they're selling, but how to sell them.

Below are the 5 tips to enable retailers to train their frontline faster and successfully deliver that great experience.

1- Enact a communication strategy that closes the loop, ensuring all of your employees receive the same information: It’s crucial to weave technology into your employee communication strategy in order to deliver pertinent information in real time. This will be even more crucial in times of seasonal change when retailers often hire temporary employees who need to be caught up to speed quickly on product information.

2 - Enable your sales associates to provide tailor-made product recommendations:  70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Leveraging technology such as a training & communication platform empowers sales associates with the most up-to-date information they need (whether product knowledge or a new promotion) in order to make the best recommendation to the customer. By keeping your employees up to date with instantaneous information, you will arm them with the right tools for success.

3 -Visual merchandising consistently across digital and in-store properties. With the commotion that occurs as a result of changing displays in times of seasonal transition, it can be a challenge to ensure all locations’ visual merchandising stays consistent. Guiding your locations with the same prompts simultaneously ensures nothing gets lost in translation. Additionally, digital communication strategies can transfer important information to retail locations regarding which items are most sought after so stores know how to organize displays as well as ensuring visual consistency.

4 - Ensure you have a communication strategy in place to disseminate information quickly when needed: Your retail locations need to be prepared to react to market shifts, trends, or random events. Enforcing a communications strategy such as an easy-to-use app that will allow you to instantaneously deliver updates to your employees pocket ensures you will never be caught out in the rain during, well, a rain storm.

5- Quickly respond to changing market conditions: Having a direct channel between HQ and the floor is extremely powerful, and will help your physical locations keep up with the accelerating pace of retail. Your success as a business comes down to responsiveness; if customers are able to turn on a dime, your organization needs to be able to as well.

Implementing the right tools into your communication strategy will support customer loyalty through knowledgeable service and memorable in-store experience -- and ultimately increase sales.

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