Ideal Timing for Training on New Arrivals? As Soon as They Arrive.

As a brand, you want your products to start selling-through as soon as they hit the shop floor.  This optimizes profits and gets retailers excited to buy more.  

While there are many ways to help drive sales in-store, an integral part of any strategy relies on the interaction between the sales associate and the customer who needs help. It’s the essential link between your product and its purchase.

In these moments, the retail sales associate becomes the face of your brand, navigating the customer towards the decision to buy… or not.

Like all brands, you utilize multiple verticals to create and cultivate brand awareness. Hopefully, this encourages people to buy your product. But brand awareness is only part of the equation.  

When trying to boost revenues, you need to look at how to build better brand and product awareness amongst retail staff. You want to get your retail partners’ sales associates to steer customers towards your key items -- the products that will maximize revenue for you and your retailer. Which begs the question -- how do you get the frontline to push your brand’s New Arrivals?

Well, it really comes down to training.

Let’s face it: retail sales associates will sell what they know. So it’s your job to make sure that they are familiarized with your products and know as much as possible about your brand. This empowers and engages associates, making it easier for them to sell your brand, which means that they’ll be more likely to promote your brand.

And there’s data to back this up. Studies show that sales associates are twice as likely to recommend a brand once they’ve received training on it. It can’t be stressed enough -- product and brand training pays off!

However, training the frontline is difficult. Geographical limitations mean that brand reps can’t get to every store as often as they may like, and the cost of face-to-face training can be out of a retailer’s reach. It’s really challenging, and sometimes impossible, to train associates on your new products in an effective and timely manner.

But don’t worry. There is a solution. 

You just need to diversify your training strategy. Exploit new technology that provides access to information, synced to a product’s distribution and sales cycle.   

With an app like NewKnow, brands and their retailers can familiarize staff with new products whenever they want, even before those items arrive in the store. This means that staff training is on-going, and brand engagement is ever-present.

Remember, getting new product arrivals is exciting! When retail staff receive valuable training that’s simultaneous with a product’s arrival, it bolsters enthusiasm for the merchandise. If those sales associates know the product and are excited about the goods, they’ll be happy to sell it to your customers.

Retail management will be happy as well. NewKnow alleviates the pressure and cost of seasonal in-person training clinics, while still ensuring that the sales team has the right information to effectively sell your product. By exploiting digital communication, time and location are no longer major limitations to training.

Even better, brands, retailers and associates can share deeper insights and more knowledge about any given product, including New Arrivals. Use NewKnow to train the frontline on what’s new, when a product is actually new, and you boost their confidence to sell your brand. This strengthens relationships with retailers and establishes clearer communication with customers, all to help you build an even better business.

You’ll be happy. Your retailers and customers will be too.   

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