April 17, 2018

Introducing The New Bundling Feature!

We’ve been working on delivering some exciting updates to make NewKnow a more intuitive experience all the way from the head office to the frontline. If you haven’t already, now is the time to update the NewKnow app to get the full benefits of the new feature!

What is Bundling?

Simply put, Bundles allow you to build chapters within the greater story. You can now organize modules in whatever structure best suits your training needs -- simplifying management and distribution.

What are the benefits of Bundling?

Intuitive Learning

Organizing modules how you see fit allows you to make learning intuitive for your staff. Of course, the easier you make the training process, the more equipped your staff will feel. Staff members can take ownership of their training and follow modules independently, growing their knowledge base quickly and easily.

Craft Your Own Stories

Bundles can be populated with modules in a variety of ways. You can arrange modules linearly, so staff can learn progressively, or organize modules in a way to compare different products -- it all depends on the learning journey you wish to build for your staff.

Assigning groups of modules to structure your staff’s learning journey has never been easier!

Next Steps

Click here for a quick tutorial.

Encourage your staff/users to do the update.

Adjust settings for auto update on the app in order to always have access to the latest and greatest functionalities.

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