May 3, 2018

Introducing The New & Improved My Partners Page!

The NewKnow team is proud to introduce our latest update - My Partners!  We are always striving to improve our app, to combine forward-thinking employee training with the most up to date technology!

What is My Partners?

My Partners provides a clear view of the reach and success of the training, received by and sent to your partners.

As a brand, you can see which retailers are the most engaged and the most successful. Who is bringing their A game to employee training sessions? Which of your retailers might need a bit more support? You’re about the find out!

As a retailer, you can see which vendors are training your staff the best, or who you need to message for more content.  Which brand stories do you need to focus on the most? Find out where to make improvements or prepare to assign training about new products when it matters most, right as they arrive.

What benefits does My Partners have?

Bring visibility to your training efforts

My Partners is a measuring stick for the strength of your training program between business partners. The new feature allows you to measure the engagement and success of your training, with real-time visibility across your entire retail network.

This access to metrics is almost unheard of in traditional employee training. My Partners sheds light on key employee performance indicators, between partners and across stores.

Optimize your relations

Above all, My Partners allows users to manage their relationships more effectively in a way which streamlines efficiencies.  

Put an end to the second-guessing. Data-driven engagement between partners is ready and waiting!

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