Ask Anipier: How to Build a Perfect Module

This month, Anipier lets us in on her secrets to building an effective training module for your staff. The NewKnow platform was made with adaptability in mind, and customizing courses is made simple.

The modules can be set up to cater to a variety of different learning styles, so your staff can be well-informed and well-equipped in a way that works for them!

Add Visual Aids and Images

It’s important to include visual cues in the modules, breaking up blocks of text and keep the session stimulating for the trainee. There is a substantial body of research out there that demonstrates that visuals are more effective in helping humans recall information. Visuals are actually processed 60,000 times faster than documents, text, or email.

Keep Text To A Minimum

As you might imagine, a large wall of text isn’t exactly inviting to your trainees! While there may be a lot of information that you want to convey to your team, it’s key that you prioritize and keep your messaging pithy. 50 words per page tends to be the sweet spot for modules.

Tackle One Topic At A Time

With the goal of making your module content easily digestible, it is ideal that you only cover 1 topic per page -- and no more than 5 topics per whole module. If you want your staff to walk away with clarity and have a good grasp of what they just learnt, overloading them is counterproductive.

Keep It Short

It’s ideal that you keep each page short, so don’t be afraid to add multiple pages to cover a topic if needed, rather than a long, dense page of information. A Nielsen Norman Group study found that users only read about 20 percent on the average web page. As the age of the internet and smartphone reduces our attention spans every day, it’s important to adapt our content to this style of information consumption.

Use Video Content

Video content is a great way to break up the module. You can use any videos that you have on hand, whether it’s your marketing materials, brand story, or any helpful instructional videos online. According to Forrester Research, employees are seventy-five percent more likely to watch a video than read a text, documents, or emails. While creating videos can be more complex or expensive than you need, creating personalized videos with smartphones is an easy and affordable alternative for quickly sharing engaging communications across your team.


The perfect module is visually dynamic, pithy, and simple. Ensure your success by following these easy guidelines when setting up training sessions for your staff.

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