The New Bottom Line Starts at the Frontline

Working in retail can be a challenge, especially when you have better informed customers whose expectations are higher than ever.  Your frontline sales staff needs a special set of skills to serve and sell to this more knowledgeable, more discerning clientele.

For some people, the role of salesperson is a natural fit – they have the charm, the knowledge and the confidence to connect with customers.  

For others, the job requires a little more effort, but it’s not impossible.

Here’s the great news - if you have strong leaders who provide the right guidance, anyone can become a great sales associate!

The key lies in ongoing mentorship.  This is essential, because  it ensures staff engagement, and that cultivates better customer engagement, which means better sales.  

Empowering your team to better serve your customers can be as simple as giving them those tried and true strategies to try out.

Strategies like:

  • Creating a One-on-One Sales Experience: Research shows that direct service from a sales associate increases the likelihood of a purchase by 90%. Knowing how to greet a customer, the right questions to ask about their goal for visiting the store, or even how to handle an unhappy customer...all simple tips that can make a big difference in your frontline’s confidence and your customer’s experience in-store.
  • Improve Customers’ Experience with Simple Gratitude: Using the customer’s name throughout a sales interaction makes the customer feel appreciated.  Likewise, when a customer thanks you,  reciprocate by responding with “my pleasure”
  • Know that Returns are An Opportunity for Sales: 70% of customers with returns will purchase something else while they’re in your store.
  • Know Top-Sellers and Their Comparables: Understand that for every top-seller there is a comparable product that customers have yet to discover.  Guide them to those secret gems when popular items are running low.
  • Product Pairing and Helpful Add-on Suggestions: Know what products sell well together.  Help your customer by showing them the complimentary items that will add value to their product purchases and subsequent use, whether a stylish matching accessory or some cleaning and maintenance products that will extend the life of the their new purchases.

These simple tools boost your team’s confidence and drive up the Average Transaction Value for every employee. They also reinforce the message that you - the retail owner or brand – want them to succeed.  

You’ll add value to their work experience, and that adds value to your bottom line. These strategies give your team valuable professional growth, helping you build an experienced sales team who will increase your profits.

But how do you communicate these lessons to all of your new hires, consistently?  

Traditionally, these lessons would be taught by a diligent store manager, an experienced colleague, or simply through trial and error.  Sure, it worked but it wasn’t efficient.

Now, with 21st century app technology, you can teach these lessons faster and more efficiently than ever before,  which means your staff will be ready to sell faster and more efficiently too.

It’s important to remember that these training tools are powerful communication platforms that allow for ongoing connectivity between retail leadership and the frontline. Digital training tools are not just for on-boarding.  They’re for mentorship, professional development and creating community within your organization.

Sending your staff simple tips - daily, weekly, even monthly - will bolster team spirit and clarify your brand messaging.  And it will show your staff that you’re invested in their success.  With a strategy like this, everybody wins.

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