Front-End Developer

We are currently seeking a Front-End Developer to join our team. You will support the dev team with the design and implementation of the web application’s front-end. You will work closely with the senior dev team implementing the business logic and collaborate with back-end and mobile developers supporting their needs to deliver the best user experience.

NewKnow is a B2B SaaS tool for training, communicating and more-effectively managing today’s high-churn, customer-facing employees. By joining the NewKnow network, businesses can connect with their business partners to support each other in training their shared front-lines about their respective brand message and offerings, empowering employers with real-time accountability that mission-critical information is received, read and understood. NewKnow helps its customers deliver the gold standard in customer experience at dramatically lower costs, enabling brands and retailers to sell better together!

At NewKnow we fully empower and support our teams. As an early member of the growing engineering team, you will have the chance to shape the product, and the team that grows around you, as well as our process to ensure quality, efficiency and scalability.

Ideal profile
• You have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering
• You thrive in dynamic and fast-paced environments with competing priorities
• You are service oriented, self-directed and enjoy having ownership
• You love building beautiful and efficient frontend in modern technologies
• You are good at building fast and scalable interface

Ideal skill set
• You contributed to building and productizing successful commercial Web platforms in startup environments
• You have experience developing in ReactJS and in ES6
• You have experience with Css, Sass
• You are familiar with PHP
• You have experience in NodeJS

Well versed in
• Designing and implementing new features
• Stabilizing old features
• Bug fixing
• Automated systems (email send outs, billing/invoicing)
• Test Driven Development, especially writing unit tests and integration tests
• Continuous integration

You don't panic when
• A critical bug is found in production
• The product roadmap is growing, and the speed of progress is accelerating
• Requirements evolve and collaboration across the team challenges your initial assumptions or strategies
• You are asked to work with a technology that's outside your wheelhouse

You are
• Pleasant to work with and be around
• A clear communicator (verbally and written)
• Honest about managing expectations and seeking help with roadblocks
• Capable of self-directed and effective work, delivered on schedule
• Diligent about documenting your work, and solutions to problems you encounter
• Proficient in English & French
• Front-line work customer service experience in retail or restaurants is a huge plus!

Every member of our small team plays an active role in not only the evolution of our product, but also contributes to the strategic direction of our business as a whole. After work team beers, milestone celebrations and regular laughs go hand in hand with hard work and ambitious goals. This is a full-time developer role on a small and talented team, with equity options included in the package.  If you think you are right for the role, and you dream of joining a fast-growing start-up, contact us at and explain why you are the best candidate for the job.

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