Unlimited training & communication for your mobile workforce.

Deliver your brand story and product knowledge to every employee in your network. Track their progress in real time and watch your sales grow.

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Do your employees know what sets your business apart?

Your front line employees are the face of your business, but communicating & training those employees is a difficult task.  Great customer experiences can make or break your reputation, so businesses need to do whatever they can to equip their employees with the tools they need to deliver them.

Are you reaching the front line?

Working with a desk-less mobile workforce means in-person training sessions can be infrequent.  Add in high employee turnover and you have a never ending expense with no clear metrics for success.

Why train frontline employees with NewKnow?

Frontline feedback.

To collect clear, real-time feedback about which locations, departments and employees are most knowledgable about your business, and which need extra help.

Deliver product knowledge directly to the frontline.

To make employees as intimately familiar with your products & services as you are.

Less one on one training, more knowledge

To be able to create product knowledge and brand training once, and distribute it to your network at the touch of a button.

Brand stewardship for all.

To give them the ability to confidently explain your products and services, without hesitation.

How does NewKnow help you in your role?

Executives & Owners

  • Be sure that your company story, history, and unique value is understood and communicated at every point of sale.
  • Increase sales through better product knowledge.
  • Know you’re investing effectively in the future of your business.
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Marketing Directors

  • Learn, track, and improve how your network of employees tell your brand story.
  • Deliver year-round product knowledge & marketing updates to every new and current front-line employee selling your product.
  • Support your business partners’ training efforts to increase sales.
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Sales Directors and Reps

  • Take control over your sales targets by creating and delivering the right training to the right places when they need them.
  • Efficiently distribute the right training with the touch of a button.
  • Mitigate the effect of staff turnover by getting new employees up to speed quickly and easily.
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Branded Training.

NewKnow allows you to easily create a branded experience so the app and any training you create will look & feel like your business. With your logos, color schemes and background imagery, your employees will think the app was made in house by you.

Your training in all shapes and sizes.

Every organization is different, and that’s why we made NewKnow accessible from virtually anywhere your employees want to learn. Whether it’s on a smartphone or tablet via our iOS and Android apps, or on your store computer, NewKnow makes delivering accountable training directly to your entire team a breeze.

Data Security.

Keeping your corporate content and training material safe is our highest priority. Our cloud infrastructure uses the most secure servers in the world so your information is always secure. Our dual account approval process, targeted sharing, and permission structure gives you complete control of who can access your training material and content.

NewKnow gives you the power to revoke or extend content viewing privileges to employees or partners you share with. NewKnow also makes it easy to distribute or withdraw learning modules globally or from particular markets and territories with the click of a button.

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